Ray Lynch: Palm Bay, Fl

"I would indeed recommend Dr. Jasmine Mabjessh to anyone, she is very professional, instills confidence in her work and is a very capable dentist. Unfortunately she is moving away from our area."

Tiana Martinez

"The experiences my family has had (5 patients total) have ALL been exceptional. We have been seen for everything from cleanings to bone grafting and every single appointment far exceeded my expectations. The staff is so warm and cheerful and Dr. Jasmine is wonderful! The office is great about detailing what you could expect to pay and all treatment options available. Of course, the quality of care is most important but as a large family - trusting that we will not be surprised or ripped off is right along with it. I hate going to the dentist...but I LOVE MY DENTIST!"

Amelia Capone: Palm Bay, Fl

"My experience with Smile Today was nothing short of exceptional. I received a promotional flyer in the mail saying to come in and sign up to receive a $1 exam. I hardly expected to actually hand someone a dollar bill after seeing the dentist but that is exactly what happened! I should mention that I was already looking for a dentist because I had extreme pain coming from a cracked wisdom tooth. We scheduled another appointment a week or so out to remove it.... I was very uneasy when I showed up to the next appointment.... having my wisdom tooth removed was giving me anxiety and I was downright scared. The staff were very friendly and reassuring. The dentist, Dr. J, was AMAZING!! After she was done with the procedure I couldn't stop thanking her.. I couldn't figure out why I was just so scared not 10 minutes ago! I am happy to have found my dentist!!!!"

Shawn Oye

"Awesome dentist & great staff. Very short wait time. Very nice & clean facility. I've been there four times thus far & the service has always been on point."