Meet Dr. Mabjeesh


Our Dentist

Dr. Jasmine Mabjeesh studied throughout her undergraduate studies in the wonderful city of Miami, Fl and journeyed on to the mountains of Morgantown, WV for dental school to master the arts of dentistry. She practiced initially afterwards in the city of Palm Bay, Fl then decided to settle back down in her roots of the sunny Miami, Fl. She now heals and delivers treatment to her family of patients in the Palmetto Bay area of Florida. She has expanded her grounds to deliver her services as a holistic dentist in Miami. She has a passion for holistic health and nutrition, the arts, music, traveling, fitness, photography, family, and the outdoors. Outside of the office you'll catch her writing, taking photographs, reading, embarking and adventuring outdoors, painting, or anything involving her loved ones of family and friends.